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The Best and Most Affordable Travel Crib!

This post reviews the SkipHop Play to Night Expanding Travel Crib and compares it to 2 higher end travel cribs- the Gauva Lotus Travel Crib and the Baby Bjorn Travel Light

Let me share a little backstory as to why I was in the search of a new travel crib to begin with. I had the Guava Lotus travel crib for over 4 years and thought it was good, time consuming to set up but overall got the job done. Well that got stolen from the trunk of my car (gotta love LA) a few months ago so I was left in a tricky position wether or not to buy a new one or borrow one from friends when we need it. My youngest son is 2 so we don't have a ton of time left where we will use a travel crib since he will move to a regular bed soon but we also go down to San Diego a lot to visit family and felt like it was a hassle to keep borrowing every time we needed to use one.

At first, I did borrow a friends Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light a few times and loved it. It was super easy to setup and breakdown. But I didn't love the price tag ($300!). I considered buying a second hand one but since we are in the middle of Corona Virus I was having second thoughts about that route.

After a little research I came across the SkipHop Play to Night Expanding Travel Crib and was a concerned that for only $150 (got mine at Bed Bath and Beyond with a 20% coupon ended up being around $120 but it's actually on sale right now at the SkipHop website for $90!) it was going to be lacking somewhere- whether in design, ease of use or quality. What I loved about it was the expanding portion and thought that would be great for my 2 yo to sleep in to have more space and feel more comfortable.

I decided to give it a try and was so pleasantly surprised here I am writing and raving about it! I made very detailed Youtube review/ tutorial/ comparison here:

In case you don't have time to watch the video, here is a quick breakdown-


  1. Easy to setup (way easier than Lotus, slightly easier than Baby Bjorn)

  2. Travel crib is a great size (a little smaller than the others but still roomy)

  3. Similar setup, size and design when in crib mode to the Baby Bjorn travel crib

  4. The expandable portion to play yard- great for older kids to have more space when they sleep (this is obviously one of the main selling points!)

  5. PRICE- you cannot beat this price ($90!!!!!)

  6. Comes with two mattresses so when you arent using one, you could potentially use it as a floor pad for an older child, I did this camping recently where I used the crib mattress on the ground as extra padding. (more about this in the video)

  7. Carrying bag is well made and has thick straps that are comfortable


  1. Size when closed- When folded up/ it is slightly larger than baby bjorn and much larger than lotus travel crib.  You could make it smaller by taking out one of the mattresses if you were going to use both.  Alot of people mention this as an issue, but unless you are worried about storage space- it shouldn't really be an issue.  Realistically, you aren't going to try and fly with any pack and play cuz its a total hassle on top of all the other crap you have to bring and this one fits in my car trunk very similarly to the baby bjorn. 

  2. Breakdown- the legs are a bit goofy to fold, but if you use the trick I showed you in the video- it's as easy as the Baby Bjorn

*In some reviews I read people talking about how it was hard to breakdown by yourself or go from crib mode to play yard mode by yourself- I haven't found that to be an issue as you can see in the video

I know these decisions are so overwhelming, I hope this was helpful! Comment below and let me know <3



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